Conventional hair laser hood needing clinic visits. Inconvenient and expensive

Yes, the laser technology used by hair care clinics may be effective.

This requires you to visit the clinic twice per week for a period of about six months
The laser hoods used in clinics are large and costly to install and require a trained operator to use them.

Worse still, because hair problems are usually chronic requiring ongoing treatment, you need a small fortune to pay for your hair care program.

Not any more.

The Hairmax LaserComb TM is designed for home use and is perfectly safe.

8 reasons why you will love the
Hairmax LaserComb TM

Easy to use
Only 10 - 12 minutes three times per week for optimum results
Safety Standards
Complies with US FDA CDRH laser product safety standards, section 21
Convenient home treatment
No more traveling to hair clinics
See real results
Increase the fullness of your own hair naturally
Improve hair condition
Increase shine and volume, may reduce scalp itch and dandruff
Use worldwide
Supplied with interchangeable transformer
Attractive ergonomic design with a high-tech feel
Designed to fit the hand like a brush
Value for money
And no more high, ongoing costs

It's a cost-effective answer to age-old hair problems.

No more hours spent in public at hair clinics or salons.
No more traffic or booking hassles.
No more wasted time.
No more high, ongoing costs.

Get Thicker Healthier Hair!